There are no final frontiers, only new ones

Neil Norman; Beach Boys Singer Bruce Johnston

Neil Norman; Beach Boys Singer Bruce Johnston at Pushin’ Too Hard screening in Carpinteria.

Is it true that you can’t go home again? We might have something to say about that.

After decades of carving out a niche for himself in Science Fiction music , producer Neil Norman has been quietly toiling in a new sphere of the arts, but that doesn’t mean the love for sci-fi and spectacle is gone. While outside his traditional bailiwick of costume, lights and electric guitar,  Pushin’ Too Hard, a documentary about the seminal California garage punk band The Seeds, is simply Norman once again doing what independent producers do best – what they love. The care given to all the material Neil, and his father before him, have treated over the years, can’t be bought. We hope this new iteration of Neil’s web presence can share that and show how what is loved, endures.

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